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  • Serge Sinyutin


The landscape of streaming and social media is constantly changing, with new platforms emerging all the time. This can make it difficult for businesses to know where to focus their advertising efforts. In recent months, three new platforms have gained a lot of attention: Rumble,, and Threads from Instagram. These platforms offer a variety of features that could be attractive to businesses, but it's important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to advertise on them.


Rumble is a popular video-sharing platform that has gained traction as an alternative to established platforms like YouTube. With a focus on user-generated content, Rumble offers creators an opportunity to monetize their videos through its Revenue Share Program. Its claim to fame is its commitment to freedom of speech and content moderation policies that differentiate it from other mainstream platforms. For businesses looking to reach a diverse audience, Rumble's user base provides an avenue for targeted advertising. However, it's important to consider your target demographic and whether Rumble aligns with your brand values before deciding to advertise on this platform. Although the app originally was politically driven, it has been constantly trying to change its image and this is reflected best by some of the biggest surprise streamer signings. Huge streaming stars like Mizkif, Kai Cenant, IShowSpeed and others have joined the platform to stream non exclusively, bringing more awareness to the ever changing culture of the website. Rumble eliminates the fear of being banned or silenced, so many content creators are not scared to lose their audience due to an error or accident. Rumble has a favorable payment system for the content creators so more opportunities are possible on this platform. Arguably the 2 most famous streamers pictured below were able to get their own show on the platform, which generated a lot of buzz in the community. It is too early to judge the state of the platform, therefore advertising on it may be experimental. We advise you to wait and see how the platform develops and expands. 


Kick was born after popular Twitch star and YouTuber Tyler "TrainwrecksTV" had enough of the purple platform's unfair policies, 50-50 revenue split, preferential treatment for certain creators, and their decision to ban gambling on live broadcasts.Kick offers a 95-5 revenue split for any subscriptions a creator might receive, with all of the tips or donations going to the creator without the platform taking any cut. Kick stated the reason for this creator-favored split was to ensure smaller creators could earn. However, the website was released in 2022 in collaboration with billionaire gambling tycoon Ed Craven and the intentions of the platform remain uncertain. It is often referred to as Twitch but 18+. Even though Kick faces backlash and criticism for the lack of moderation and online gambling tendencies, it cannot be ignored due to recent, huge signings of Twitch stars. xQc, Destiny, and Amouranth are just a few names to join the new competitor. Better payout chances and new platform growth is encouraging for small upcoming and big creators alike. 

Similar to Rumble, Kick is still in early development and the future of the platform is uncertain depending on which direction it will truly go towards down the line. 


Threads from Instagram is a social media app designed specifically for close friends and intimate groups. Twitter rival Threads crossed 100 million sign-ups within five days of launch, dethroning ChatGPT as the fastest-growing online platform to hit the milestone. It is seen as a direct competitor or even a copycat of Twitter. The resemblance is so uncanny that Elon Musk is willing to sue the company. For businesses targeting a younger demographic or seeking to build stronger relationships with their audience, Threads provides an opportunity for highly personalized communication and engagement. However, advertising options on Threads are currently limited but could be similar to Twitter, so it's important to assess whether the platform aligns with your marketing goals and objectives.


The emergence of new platforms like Rumble,, and Threads from Instagram presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. By carefully considering the factors mentioned above, we suggest you wait and see how the platforms develop first before running any major campaigns or projects.


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