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GC partnered with NC Soft to run their First Beta campaign. We targeted various genres to have mass reach for both direct and indirect target demographics. Through the First Beta campaign, we set up teams of streamers to play together and show off how exciting team play was. We were able to hone in on PC players and the devs got to improve MnK controls for their next beta. Though the Beta period was short, many players built interest in the game and are looking forward to when Battle Crush will launch

Battle Crush | NC Soft

Throughout 5 major campaigns with Nexon, Blue Archive built an impressive fanbase by targeting mega influnceres, mostly in the streaming scene. With the likes of popular Vtubers Gawr Gura, Ironmouse, and highly respected Cosplayers, Blue Archive became a mobile giant. Streams included custom, rotating and catered QR overlays for easy access for Mobile Downloads

Blue Archive | Nexon

GGC helped launch the breakout game Dave the Diver with promotions across Twitch, Youtube and TikTok. From Wishlist boostings to Early Access, we helped this game become mainstream which lead to crazy ravings from game press and respected influencers/creators.

Dave the Diver | MintRocket

With the help of GGC, Summoners War is an instant mobile classic and is the reason why the game is still going strong after 10 years. Throughout years of partnerships, we had to get creative in promotional approaches. From Custom Animations, Drawings, Music, Cosplay and everyting in between, we help Summoners War celebrate their anniversaries and countless crossovers/partnerships.

Summoners War | Com2Us

In a highly competetive sports gaming scene, we helped MLB 9 Innings stand out by working with the best in the genre and by hiring influential creators in this space. This included promotions on TikTok and even custom animation productions.

MLB 9 Innings | Com2Us

Eversoul was seeking to enter the competetive mobile RPG scene and we helped the developers achieve just that. With widespread Twitch streams and Youtube promotions, lovers of the RPG were impresed by the game's art style, mechanics and the overall story. GGC utilized special coupon codes to show off gameplay and encouraged downloads with custom Twitch overlays that blended seemlessly into the integrations.

Eversoul | Kakao Games

GGC worked with the Guardian Tales team to push their incredible game to the Switch community. By partnering with the most respected Ninendo Switch influencers and news outles, the word quickly spread and Guardian Tales has been a staple game for the Switch players ever since.

Guardian Tales | Kong Studios

Band is a great organizational app used among active communites to form groups of like minded individuals. What better way to showcase the app features then to encourage users to engage in the app daily? We partnered with Nick Symmonds on a long term promotion. We created a Custom Challenge with the goal in mind to post daily progress and reach 100k miles of running collectively. The incentives included custom prizes and payouts, with winners and annoucements being made all over Youtube and Instagram channels.

Band | Naver

Partnering with catered International creators is our specialty. Using sponsored streams and Youtube dedicated videos, we were able to successfully bring awereness to Heaven Burns Red among Korean gaming communities.

Heavn Burns Red | Gree

GGC handles a variety of services and products. By partnering with Reputable Auto creators the car community realized what they have been missing for their fleet of Electric Vehicles. By having respected car scene figures back the product, the Hankook tires stood out as superior to the competitors.

EV Tires | Hankook

LG continues to push the innovative boundaries and there is no better way to show that by having social media influencers demonstrate the impressive capabilities of the LG Standbyme products. By utilizing Instagram reels, creators showed the ease of access and convenience this product can bring in their day to day lives.

LG Standby me | LG Electronics

Epic Seven being on top of mobile game leaderboards is by no accident. With several, vigorous campaigns across Youtube and Twitch, the game remains a juggernaut in the mobile gaming RPG genre. We hired Huge and influential streamers who used to play Epic Seven to bring awerness to the current updates and game events, such as tournaments, to boost the ever-growing game.

Epic Seven | Smile Gate 

By partnering with movie and react channels, we were able to shed light on the VFX work that may have gone unnoticed in hit films and shows from Korea. Once the viewers realize the quality of work involved, they look forward to future projects that Dexter Studios is involved in.

VFX Animations | Dexter Studios

TappyToon is a popular platform for digital stories, comics and novels. While well established in certain parts of the world, such services need help to migrate to other markets. With the help of comic/novel lovers in North America, TappyToon made their mark on expanding beyond their most well-received regions.

Digital Comics | TappyToon

We handle a plethora of sport game promotions and it is no exception for 3on3 Freestyle: Rebound. The game added fun twists to the classic basketball genre and even ran a tournament for all players for a chance to win money! By partnering with the best basketball creators and influencers, we helped the game to reach new player population highs and even had creators react to the epic tournament finales.

Freestyle: Rebound | JoyCity

Another long time classic and memorable game is still rolling out consant updates. GGC helps to push these messages to encourage old and new players to experience the game.

Dungeon Fighter Online | Neople

When the sequal to the original Ragnarok Online came out, it was a huge opportunity to push this game mainstream on all mobile platfroms. With countless integrations and creative promotions, the game was able to reach its well deserved recognition.

Ragnarok | Gravity

When the game needs a proper liftoff and launch, you can trust us to make it happen. This cute, platformer game added a unique spin on the beloved genre. Through multiple campaign efforts, the game reached major recognition and boasts incredibly high reviews, ensuring a quality experience for all gamers. Our main strategy included hiring many Vtubers as their cute and animated looks resonated well with the game.

LAPIN | 게임더하기 (Studio Doodal)

We kicked things off with a creative approach that delivered on the brief within the restrictions of limited time with the Hwang. With the concept for the video in mind, the cooking Korean food by Hwang, we made the decision to keep the lighting and camera work for the shoot very simple, so that the final film didn't feel over produced. The video achieved the desired results across social channels, began to flood into Visit Korea across the country.

Kooking Korea | Korean Tourism Organization

We were approached to create a Korean shopping tour guide for Korean Tourism Organization to advertise Korean shopping diversity across the country with Jang Myeong-suk, Korean well known fashion designer. From the initial enquiry, idea generation, extensive storyboarding and pre-shoot preparations, the team took the time to fully understand the concept, what KTO would like to promote and delivered everything we could’ve hoped for and more. The video achieved the desired results across social channels, began to positive interest into Visit Korea campaign.

Add to Kart | Korean Tourism Organization

GC Platform | Various clients

The GC platform is a total solution for effectively managing influencer marketing. Based on a database of over 500,000 global influencer channels, you can be recommended influencers suitable for your campaign, and when running a campaign, tools are provided to monitor and communicate throughout the entire process, from video material review to campaign results. The GC platform has proven its performance and efficiency by supporting more than 500 global influencer campaigns and collaboration with approximately 3,000 influencers.





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