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  • Serge Sinyutin


Finding and engaging with an audience that is willing to share and enjoy your content has become increasingly difficult as traditional methods of mass communication become less effective or more fiercely contested. This new artificial intelligence trend is rapidly transforming the way businesses approach marketing and developing brand loyalty, as companies now look to trusted online personalities to become brand advocates who help to spread their message. The concept of the creator economy is evolving, and it has taken new heights with AI as an essential component of the industry. Here are a few ways that AI has been central to the creator economy’s transformation.

Idea Generation: AI has become an indispensable tool in the creator economy, particularly in terms of idea generation and content creation. AI can generate compelling content for social media platforms and identify which social media posts are most likely to engage with audiences. It can also analyze audience preferences and generate topic ideas based on their interests.

Content Creation: When it comes to content creation, AI-powered content generators such as OpenAI's GPT-3 and Jasper can quickly produce high-quality, human-like writing. Another innovative AI tool for generating creative content is Dall-E 2, which can generate realistic visual content from natural language descriptions

Relative Research: Additionally, AI-powered recommendation engines can identify new and emerging creators, making it easier for people to find content that aligns with their interests and preferences. This also provides new opportunities for creators to succeed by reaching a broader audience that is more likely to appreciate their work. The list of advanced tasks AI can simplify and perform is growing rapidly. There are new, endless tools that pop up everyday which take advantage of AI capabilities and help creators make better content. 

However, nothing stands out more than the recent explosion of the AI generation of famous people, unique concept shows and even self-aware Vtuber streamers! Previously famous figures like Lil Miquela and Shudu are some of the best examples of AI social media influencers who boast great visibility and can help brands stand out with their unique form of expression. But the technology is now so mind blowing that the once leading AI generated streamer, Neuro-sama, is doing collaboration with real streamers and has become so advanced, she’s actually hosting react and gameplay streams!

 It has become so bizarre that even videos of popular figures like Asmongold have their own deepfakes, in which the streamer’s avatar says some things that may seem out of character, and have gone viral on social media. During the streams, AI Asmongold answered questions for Athene AI Show and had a lot to say about cat girls, Dr Pepper, and Starforge Systems.(Topics which AI studies from Asmon’s previous broadcasts) It looks like AI has come a long way since then, with custom programs being developed to mimic popular streamers’ speech patterns, inflections, and pace. While it may be funny to watch accurate AI deepfakes of your favorite streamers, it also possesses a real privacy and impersonation issue. Fake Joe Rogan’s supplements and Elon Musk’s scam crypto projects have been plaguing the online viewers with hyper realistic deepfakes. 

And this brings up the question, can AI generated content become Rogue or reach a level of sophistication that can take away streamer’s jobs? Well, yes and no. In theory and Branding-wise, virtual influencers are safer bets than their real-life counterparts. Virtual influencers have become more popular in countries like China due to the negative publicity received by some local celebrities. On top of that, shows like “Nothing Forever”, a pixelated and completely AI generated sitcom based on “Seinfeld”, have gotten banned due to the script going rogue and ranting about inappropriate topics, caused by apparent glitches. While these technological advancements are not yet perfected, it is safe to say that AI will not be taking entertainment jobs anytime soon, but it can rather be used as a powerful tool to enhance and empower content creators to the next level. 


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