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We kicked off our creative partnership with the Korean Tourism Organization with Hee-Chan Hwang to 'kook' up a famous Korean dish, tteokbokki. With Hee-Chan's limited schedule, we decided to keep lighting and camera work very simple, so the video didn't feel overproduced or rushed. The end video achieved our desired KPIs across all social channels and drove a great amount of global traffic to Visit Korea (KTO's webpage).

Kooking Korea | Korean Tourism Organization

We partnered with the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) to create a Korean shopping tour guide with renowned fashion designer Jang Myeong-suk, showcasing the country's diverse retail landscape. Our team took the time to fully understand the vision that KTO wanted to share. From the initial inquiry to extensive storyboarding and pre-shoot preparation, we delivered a final product that exceeded all expectations. The video's success across social channels generated tremendous interest in the Visit Korea campaign.

Add to Kart | Korean Tourism Organization

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